De La Hoya gets a beating in 8 rounds!

By December 9, 2008Life Happens

So I got to be at the Nike Sponsored Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight viewing at the Montalban thanks to my friend Tamara. Great event and lots of people attended. Manny Pacquaio representing the Phillipines, pummels De La Hoya in an 8th round TKO. Oscar concedes the fight voluntarily to Manny after the 8th round. perhaps he didn’t want to get knocked out. I noticed that by the 6th round, Oscar looked like he was 70 years old trying to box a 20 year old. Pacquaio was sneaking in past De La Hoya’s gloves at every attempt. at the end of 8, Pacquaio land something like 3 times the amount of punches that De La Hoya did. Yeeessh! Fun to watch but it was a murder! De La Hoya looked dated, and withered in comparison to Pacquaio!

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