By September 30, 2008Life Happens

Okay, maybe not the panic that the title leads to believe, but interestingly enough,  I was sitting in a class tonight and all of us in the class felt it briefly on the westside.  It seemed like just a quick 1 second rolling of the ground.  THEN! we continued with class.. lol.. If you’re from LA, you sort of get used to the earthquakes, not that they happen all the time, but they do happen.  To top it off, it was unbearably hot today in the Valley and all over town, and i mention this because someone had mentioned that “it’s like earthquake weather.”  And then we had a tremor.  I never understood the link between the weird hot weather and earthquakes but oddly enough it is a coincidence sometimes.   Hope no one was hurt, maybe it was an aftershock from the bigger one we had centered over Diamond Bar a few months back.  Off to see if we did really have an earthquake via the news!  .. no pictures, sorry, 

(side note) i keep telling myself to blog more often and about GOOD topics!  =)



  • J. says:

    aroight, to comment… apparently.. there was no earthquake despite our whole class stopping because of the tremor…. no news, no nothing.. go figure..


  • TEMECULA, Calif.—A moderate earthquake struck early Monday in a remote area of the Cleveland National Forest in northern San Diego County. The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude-4.1 quake struck at 4:35 a.m. about

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