History in the Making November 4th 2008

By November 4, 2008Life Happens
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Today history will be made. It marks the first time in this country that a black candidate has run for the presidency. Leading up to this day, it was also the first campaign in history that had a female candidate, Hilary Clinton (whom dropped out early in the running). After months of campaigning, this has what it has come down to…..
Barack Obama

John McCain

Here are some other funny pics that have been circulating all these months.
funny 1
funny 2
funny 3

Now I’m not the biggest fan of either candidate, I would have voted for the female candidate 😉 (wink) because i feel that one candidate stands for too much change and one candidate stands for not enough change. At any rate, I’ll let you decide who should be the next president of the United States and saves us from is widely considered as the the Great Depression of this century.


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