Just Cuz I love the Redwings and Def Leppard

By October 20, 2008Life Happens

I know this is massively late, but its like im journaling the event… I had to put this up because I’m a fan of hockey and a fan of Def Leppard… This happened while I was in Taiwan (will post that stuff as soon as I catch up to myself).

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot places Stanley cup upside down!

His remarks afterwards:

Said Elliott: “I will, as always, take full responsibility for what happened because I have big pucks. However, someone at the NHL should have known better and informed me first instead of keeping the Stanley Cup under lock and key until the last minute. The practice run the day before with a coffeemaker went swimmingly because it, like every other sporting cup I’ve ever seen, was wider at the top than the base. Ironic, isn’t it, that after that night’s gig, a NHL insider told me that long ago the Stanley Cup was also designed to be put down that way? Like most of my fellow Brits, I’d never seen it before until it was handed to me sideways by which time I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Whoops…”

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