Power 106 Cali X-mas at Gibson Theater, Universal City, CA

By December 11, 2008Music

At first because of the date change, many thought that the show wouldn’t be packed. In actuality, it was very packed. Other than a concert like Powerhouse, put on by Power 106. Where else can you see huge acts like Kanye West, T.I. and Busta Rhymes under the same roof. Also performing were LMfAO and Slim from 112.

Great show and dope acts! I’m not the biggest Kanye fan, and i hated his new album but i always enjoy his earlier stuff and songs from “The Graduate.” The Light show to his performances are always dope. Busta rocks the show as usual except he was stalling to go on at the beginning of his slot and was boo’ed. I didnt see this but was told that it had happened. He was suppose to come out to Ante up and his dj, Roc Raida kept playin the beginning of the song over because he was waitin on Busta to make his entrance. Nevertheless, he wins his fans by having crazy energy. It was a good show to be at. Here are some pics. and a video from Power TV.

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