Redbull Bigtune @ the El Rey Theater Los Angeles

By November 7, 2008Music
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Had a chance to be at the Beat Battle put on by Redbull, Weds 11 05 08 Redbull Big Tune . Great turn out! just a quick few highlights and brief recap. Battlecat debuted some new beats and recapped his nice catalog of West coast beats used by numerous artists. The collage was a quick throwback to the early 90’s and early part of this decade. The Battle came down to the wire between Dibiase and J Bizness.

In my opinion, It came down to a popularity contest between Dibiase and J Bizness when other guys had better beats (Elusive and a young lookin dude name G.Rocka). Dibiase had complex yet very avant garde feeling beats and J Bizness had very strong bassy west coast feel beats. Ultimately, it came down to the wire and the two played a fourth set of beats in the 3 beats bracket of the final round. J bizness was given the honors of the LA show but both final contestants move on to New York for the final showdown.

some of your contestants..

Redbull Bigtune chicks..

Ax about it!


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  • J. Bizness says:

    I ran into the blog doing a search for some Big Tune video footage.
    I must agree that G-Rocka had some ill beats.
    However, the popular votes would have been with Dibia$e and Swiff D; who unfortunately had been eliminated early.
    NO ONE even knew who the hell I was.
    Everyone else fell short.

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