Sock it 2’em Sundays already..

By November 3, 2008Music

All week I have been thinking of songs i like and dislike. I tossed around quite a few. first the thumbs down. I hate to do it again to T-pain but this song kept coming up as a dislike.

Thumbs DOWN: T-pain’s “Chopped and Screwed” feat. Ludacris.

I’m a fan of both these artists but i just couldn’t wrap my head around this song. The hook beat is very different from each verse’s beat. It just doesn’t seem to jive. Now I must mention that many times, I hear Ludacris’ verse in a song and begin to like the song(big fan of Luda, can you tell?). Not the case here. His verse didn’t seem to add anything to this track. take a listen.

Thumbs UP: Coldplay’s “Lost” and the remix with feat. Jay-Z on the third verse.

I’m diggin this song which i finally got to play at an outdoor event yesterday and I must say it sounded good. I give it a thumbs up. Take a listen

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