Sock it 2’em Sundays: Beyonce / Jim Jones

By November 9, 2008Music

This weeks edition of Sock it 2’em Sundays talks about Beyonce and Jim Jones.

Jim Jones


the skinny..

Thumbs UP! Beyonce “If I Were a Boy”
I’m a little early to this song I think, but the song is currently #6 and was #1 earlier this week on I tried to provide the you tube video here but the labels arent allowing the video to be distributed, probably because its impacting on networks now. I’ve been hearing all week how females like this song. They liked it immediately when they heard it. It is one of those songs that resonates immediately when you hear it. Beyonce’s voice is very expressive and the lyrics juxtaposed with the role reversal in the video will be a big bang with females as this songs develops steam on its way to #1 on all charts. Check out the video here..

Beyonce “If I were a boy”

Thumbs DOWN! Jim Jones’ “Pop Champagne” feat. Rob Browz and Juelz Santana

Man, I really don’t know what it is about hip hop genre and how hip hop guys can keep doin the same thing over and over again. In the song, they talk about nothing, absolutely nothing, but that they pop champagne. And from the looks of this video teaser, its another rapper’s video with lots half nekkid girls (which I’m not mad at), visits from other established rapper’s and a club environment shoot with guys parading around with bottles of champagne. Aside from the visual aspects of this song (the soon to be released video), There is nothing to this song, and I personally can’t stand it. I’ll have to think twice about playing this song in the club, sorry Mr. Jones.


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