Sock-it 2’em Sundays!! Black Eyed Peas & Hurricane Chris

By April 26, 2009Music, Updates
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Thumbs UP Thumbs DOWN

This week’s edition : Black Eyed Peas f/ 50 Cent & Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris

BEP 50 cent

First up,

Thumbs Down!

Another gimmick track and this ones not even catchy. And apparently , the rights to Halle’s name wasnt going to be given to chris, and then she realized how much free pulblicity she’d get. Go Halle!


thumbs UP!

Disregard the video advertisement. but listen to the production of the song. Great remix. I’m not sure if Will.I.Am did the remix but if he did, it’s Will flexing his production versatility. NICE!

a parting gift…… Halle dancing is always nice!…


Time for the BEACH!

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