Sock-it 2’em Sundays! Chinese Democracy & 808’s & Heartbreaks

By November 30, 2008Music

Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN!

This week’s edition : brand new albums!!

First up,

Thumbs UP

Chinese Democracy

Track Listing:
1. “Chinese Democracy” Axl Rose, Josh Freese 4:43
2. “Shackler’s Revenge” Rose, Brian Carroll, Caram Costanzo, Bryan Mantia, Pete Scaturro 3:36
3. “Better” Rose, Robin Finck 4:58
4. “Street of Dreams” Rose, Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed 4:46
5. “If the World” Rose, Chris Pitman 4:54
6. “There Was a Time” Rose, Paul Tobias, Reed 6:41
7. “Catcher in the Rye” Rose, Tobias 5:52
8. “Scraped” Rose, Costanzo, Carroll 3:30
9. “Riad n’ the Bedouins” Rose, Stinson 4:10
10. “Sorry” Rose, Carroll, Mantia, Scaturro 6:14
11. “I.R.S.” Rose, Tobias, Reed 4:28
12. “Madagascar” Rose, Pitman 5:37
13. “This I Love” Rose 5:34
14. “Prostitute” Rose, Tobias 6:15

I got the chance to listen to this album all weekend on my trip to deejay in Mexico. I like this album, the more and more I listened to it. I couldnt say I know a ton about Gun’s N Roses Albums, but to me this album has classic Guns ‘n Roses sound to it. I like. My favorite? Track 2, Shackler’s Revenge and track 3, Better. U can preview at Itunes. go listen! Thumbs Up!

“Shackler’s Revenge”

Chinese Democracy

Thanks Simon for the display this week!

808's & Heartbreak

Track List:
1. “Welcome to Heartbreak”
2. “Heartless”
3. “Love Lockdown”
4. “Robocop”
5. “The Wrong Thing”
6. “In the Streets”
7. Title unknown
8. “Real Bad News”
9. “So Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy
10. “That You Know” or “Tell Everybody” featuring Lil Wayne
11. “Coldest Winter”

So far I feel like give this guy a bad rap. I don’t know him personally, and maybe its because the media paints a bad picture of him. I liked his last album a lot but wasn’t a fan of a lot of his antics during that time. anyhow, 808’s & Heartbreak: thumbs down. I listened to it this weekend as well, while traveling with some people and they didn’t like it as well. I took a good listen and just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I tried, It very slow and sad, and I get it, but it just wasn’t for me. One of the girls i was with said her favorite track is “Heartless.” I think that is probably his best song on the album. The song i that i think is decent is, track 4, “Amazing” feat. Young Jeezy.

Kanye on 808’s & Heartbreak

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