Sock-it 2’em Sundays!! Eminem & New Boyz

By April 19, 2009Music

Sorry, I missed last weeks Sock-it 2’em.. been super busy with a new sunday night Event in Hollywood called “Sushi Sundays” . Haven’t had a chance to blog. Nevertheless.. here is this weeks picks.. the Grapes and Gripes…..

Thumbs UP Thumbs DOWN

This week’s edition : Eminem
New Boyz

First up,

Thumbs Down!

New phenomenon called “Jerkin” music comes with a dance. nothing really to it. the sound is similar to the bay area hyphy music. but the dance resembles moves that might have come out of the south. None the less, I dont think this is a mass appeal song or dance….. It follows the phenomenon of Soulja Boy, with “Crank That”: Popular on the net and through a video first, for the dance, more than the actual quality of the song…. On a positive note, these kids are super young and if they can flip this gimmick into a label deal and follow up with a smash, they may be able to follwo in Soulja Boy’s path and create a what modern day would call a music career. my vote for this song: thumbs down.


thumbs UP!

Classic Eminem, Controversial and slightly edgy and crazy. I can dig it.

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