Sock-it 2’em Sundays: Katerina Graham & Plies

By November 23, 2008Music
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Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN!

This week’s edition :

First up,
Thanks Simon for the display this week!

Plies f/ Chris J Put It On You

Just coming off his Bust It Baby Pt. 2, he releases this new song that is this weeks thumbs down. Thats all i have to say about this weeks thumbs DOWN!, take a listen for yourself at the link below.

Put It On You

on to the..
Thumbs UP

Katerina Graham “Girls” Thrills Remix


The homie, J. Premier sends me this song and says, hey do you think you can get this into your set at the clubs? I’m thinking he is sending me a hip hop song to preview as he works his artists but instead he sent me an electro pop type of song by “Girls thrills remix” by Katerina Graham, the artist that sings the hook on Will.I.Am’s “I Got it from my momma” I download it into my laptop and press play and the bass-line immediately was dope! I kept listening and the song begins and i email him back and said i can DEFINATELY get this into my sets! With a dope bass line and catchy hook, this song is sure to be a hit.


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