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By March 29, 2009Music

Thumbs UP Thumbs DOWN

No Thumbs UP this week!

This week’s edition : Mims “Move remix” feat. Dj Class


Thumbs Down!

This week, only a thumbs down. At first glance when i heard the move mims’ track, i wasnt really feelin it, but then it grew on me a little. I was like okay, I think i can bump this in the club at times. Now I’m a fan of a lot of baltimore house tracks but this isn’t one of them. A remix between I’m the Sh*t and Move isnt at the top of the list of likes for me…wasnt a big fan of “i’m the Sh*t” either. Although i do have to mention that there is a part of the song i do like during the breakdowns.. thats all..

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