Sock-it 2’em Sundays (on tuesday) Estelle / Britney Spears

By November 18, 2008Music

Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN!

This week’s edition is late! sorry, Vegas all weekend, just got back into town, those pics are coming soon..

First up,
Thanks Simon for the display this week!

Britney Spears- Womanizer

I didnt like this song when it came out and don’t like it now. I thought to myself, Another Female anthem, (nothing wrong with that) but I didnt’ like the song but knew it would work for the females in the bubble gum pop world. I’d play it for the right crowd, but! it played more and more over the radio and around town that I was getting annoyed at it. Then i heard it played at a popular Las Vegas club over the weekend thinking it would get a decent reaction from the females, and…. NONE! Nil..!! My take on the song… Sucks! And apparently the females at this club didn’t like it either. Thanks for the thumbs down this week Simon Cowell.

See and hear the song at this link. Womanizer video

on to the..
Thumbs UP

Estelle- Come Over f/ Sean Paul

This song actually came out a little while ago, without Sean Paul on the bill and was a good song even without him. Its good to see that he is cookin stuff up. With him on this bill, It pushes Estelle’s song over the top and into the mainstream. It’s a great look for her to have Sean Paul on her remix as she is a recent breakout star in the states with her last hit being American Boy f/ Kanye West. This song gets my thumbs up of the week and is already huge with the people. Great song all around, you can’t go wrong with reggae!! Big ups to you, Estelle.

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