Sock it 2’em Sundays (whoops Monday) Keri Hilson & Ron Browz

By December 8, 2008Music

Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN!

This week’s edition :

First up,
Thanks Simon for the display this week!

Ron Browz “Jumpin out the window”

Ron Browz

What the hell?? As if a lot of folks aren’t doin the singing Zapp & Roger voicebox thing already, every song this guy puts out is the same voice box tone (proper term eludes my mind riht now). Thumbs Down! is all i have to say to this at the moment.


Thumbs UP

Keri Hilson’s “Turn Me On” feat. Lil Wayne
Keri Album

Odd as this may sound, I’m not tired of Lil Wayne. He’s on like every radio hit! I wasn’t the biggest fan of him early in his career and even as he blew up, but slowly he has earned my interest and earned me as a fan. Back to Keri Hilson, She has slowly crept her way into the spotlight over the years. I remember seeing her name on different songs for the past several years and maybe didn’t get the credit she deserves. She was featured several times on Timbaland’s “Shock Value” on songs such as “The Way I Are” and “Scream.” “Turn Me On” is her next single and this weeks Thumb’s UP! Go take a listen!

Turn Me On Video

Lastly, I feel i should mention that Richboy’s “drop” almost made this cut this week, but i felt that it was still early. It gets the Honorable Mention this week!

Rich Boy

Preview “Drop” feat. Polow Da Don Here

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