Sock-it 2’em Sundays!! (whoops Tuesday) Jay-Z & 50 cent

By June 16, 2009Music
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My apologies for missing Sunday again. Its been kind of hectic…

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This week’s edition : Jay-Z “Death Of Auto tune” & 50 cent “ok, You’re Right” plus thumb up honorable mention, Wyclef f/ Nick Cannon “mr. Auto Tune”

50 cent

First up,

Thumbs Down!

let me start by sayin I’m a fan of 50. Because I am, I feel that he can come correct with better. The Dre beat is okay, but i feel that 50 has more lyrical content than he is droppin in this track and the hook is just “okay” no pun intended.. We’ll see what he drops next …….


thumbs UP!

Honorable Mention: Wyclef f/ Nick Cannon “Mr. Auto Tune”

Smart guys, Jay-Z and Wyclef…… Thats all!

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