Sock-it 2’em Sundays! whoops vegas twice now! B-Real & Them Gspot Boyz

By February 10, 2009Music

Sorry, Been back and forth to Vegas and I never get to this while I’m in Vegas!

New Year, New Sock-it 2’em thumbs..

Thumbs UP Thumbs DOWN

This week’s edition : B-Real f/ Damian Marley “Fire Fire” & Them Gspot Boyz “Stanky Leg”


No pic for them G-spot Boyz cuz i couldnt find a verifable one!

First up,
Thumbs Down!

REALLY?  I mean come on!


thumbs UP!

Two guys that love that Ganja Smokin…. Can’t go wrong with that kinda collabo..

Ask about me!!


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