Tech guys!! International Consumer Electronics Show

By January 14, 2009Techie Tech Freak

International CES

Some of My favorite items.. Immediately on my want/buy list!

Samsung 1″ thick plasma

Samsung Plasma

Blu Ray Dvd Sound System by Samsung
Samsung blu ray dvd sound system

JVC iphone dock tv.. What in the world!?
JVC iphone dock

Apple @ CES?

BEST of Show

Bill Gates final Keynote and some insight into the next digital decade..

I wish I was there! obviously there is a ton of stuff to see there and just a few items here…. The cool part, i noticed is that a lot of the updated or new items are more eco friendly or green, meaning they consume less energy or emit less radiation. I’m waiting to see where the OLED technology goes in all the new televisions, and it would be dope to see Mac at CES next year!

very short and to the point, there is not covering the entire show especially if i didnt go! :(

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