Tech Tuesdays: Axiom Pro 49 with Hyper Control..

By April 3, 2012Techie Tech Freak

Axiom pro 49 keyboard

I’ve actually been using midi keyboards for a while but wanted to post this up for anyone looking for the right keyboard for their production. They actually make a 61 but i needed one that had slightly more portability. I just got one of these because a good friend of mine was good enough to lend me his for a test run for a few weeks and I like how i can access much of the control parameters in lots of the instruments in Ableton and with the added “hyper control,” I am able to better maneuver some of the midi functions in Pro tools, and we all know how crappy Midi function in Pro tools is. I liked the semi weighted keys make it feel slightly more like a piano and the overall build quality is top notch. Here is a link you can get more info on this keyboard if you’re interested. M-Audio


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