VeNUE ReVUE: Heat Ultra Lounge Anaheim

By November 28, 2008VeNUE ReVUE

Here is the 1st edition of the feature I call veNUE reVUE.

HEAT ULTRA LOUNGE @ Anaheim’s Gardenwalk
321 W. Katella Ave. Ste. 214
Anaheim, CA 92802

tel: 714 776 4328

So I had the chance to deejay at Heat in Orange County, CA, on a Tuesday night. Of all nights, it begins pouring rain the few hours leading up to club time. To my surprise, the night was better than the previous week. The club was packed and hot!

Lots of hype has been surrounding this club and some very well known deejays have booked nights here. Deejay Z-trip played there Nov-26th. Z-trip always murders the decks when he’s on. With all this hype, I was antsy to see how the venue looked and what the sound system looked like. Many people had told me its like a Vegas style venue, with lots of lighting and nice sound system.

After walking in and the seeing all the crazy vegas club lighting which looked great! I proceeded to the dj booth which is a circular stage set at about the middle of the club right behind a vip table booth and faces the dancefloor.

Everything was great. I get set up, theres a laptop stand in front of me, I’m elevated so i can see the dancfloor. There are cdj stands elevate in front of the turntables but i noticed the booth was built for a house dj with the turntables turned he horizontal way. Easy fix: Just turn the tables vertically like a battle dj has them, well, it easier said then done, because the poles in front holding the cdj’s barely gave enough space to turn the table vertically and they hung off the counter slightly. a deejay works with what hes given! a house deejay would have been at home. I made myself more comfortable by rotating them to barely fit on the counter. Moving on, the Booth monitor knob, i had to turn all the way up on a pioneer digital 4 channel club mixer. The monitor was up over head about 6 feet or so , so it had to battle some of the master volume goin out onto the dancefloor. I would have preferred it be louder or closer. Last thing about booth, The sound guy, had no wireless mic, and informed me that only certain people were allowed to use the wired mic which i guess didn’t include the deejay. Go figure.

Other than that, the club looked great with its lighting and beautiful crowd. The drinks weren’t exactly cheap. They were just as high if not slightly more than hollywood prices. I dont’ expect a venue out away from other spots would be more than a place like hollywood, but in its defense, it is right off of Disney Way and Katella which isn’t exactly and cheap area to hang out.

There was also a second room that played more house music on this Tuesday night that i didn’t get a chance to check out but seemed to be pretty packed in the doorway leading to that area as well.

after all the hype, I’d have to agree with it. Orange County’s new hot spot, not just on tuesday night, but Friday and Saturday nights as well. I’d recommend this as a destination to check out in the Oc!

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