We Remember.. 9/11

By September 11, 2010Life Happens

I remember this morning like it was yesterday. As usual I had slept late and had class the next morning at 9am. about 700a my mom barges into my room and says something is happening on the news, something big, i rolled over and didn’t pay too much attention to what she was saying. She left for work and over the course of the next 30. I slowly woke up and turned the news on only to see every single news channel showing the image of two smoking towers.. We had been attacked by terrorists. I watched in disbelief that this was real and the news kept playing the footage of planes hitting the towers over and over. Then, without notice, both buildings came crashing down and was obliterated. The largest buildings in America, gone. I was shocked but I still got ready went to school. that morning. I guess I didn’t realize the severity of this event until I was in class and the professor, asked “Does anyone feel the need to talk about their feelings of this mornings events.” I instantly realized at that moment that this day would be immortalized in my mind for the rest of my life. Shortly thereafter, we were released by our professor and told that the school day has been cancelled and to return home.

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So many students were trying to leave campus at once that we sat parked in the parking structure on the 4th floor for over an hour, just pondering about one of the biggest events to happen on home soil up to that point in my life. To this day i can still see the images of the plumes of smoke rushing towards the people on the street, the buildings collapsing into pancakes on the streets of Manhattan, and two huge 747’s crashing into the tallest buildings in the United States.


Next to Pearl Harbor , 9/11 was the largest number of casualties the U.S. has experienced on home soil inflicted by a foreign entity. I thank all the soldiers, armed guard, police and firemen of the United States that fight for our freedom before my time and still fighting in the present day. God be with you.

Many have theorized that 9/11 is a self inflicted wound and actually a conspiracy driven by greed and power. I sympathize with many of these theories that our government may have allowed this event to happen for a greater cause. This theory will probably never be proven or discovered. Even if it is a self inflicted wound, that doesn’t make this event or the lives lost any less significant. RIP and God bless to the people that lost their lives in this tragic event…


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